The key personnel appointed to the project shall have responsibilities as detailed below :

Project Manager:

The Project Manager’s (L.Chung) main responsibility is ensure that contract requirements and specifications are complied with. He is the vocal point for all communication with the client (excluding documentation matters). He is also responsible for purchase of materials and timely delivery of or order placed.

He is responsible for all aspects of the contract after tender and hand-over for details projects. With respect to Quality Assurance, he shall ensure all project procedures are full field and documented at the proper time and sequence and that all suppliers and subcontractors are in possession of, and meet quality requirements through reports QC inspectors during inspection activities.

Together with the Group QA/QC Manager (Jacob S) , he is responsible in ensuring project is run per agreed schedule. He is responsible foe expediting sub-vendors for timely delivery and appoints QA/QC inspectors for quality inspection of major items. He overseas proper execution of documentation per client’s requirements and specifications. He generates progress reports and updates project programs. He is the focal point for all communication pertains QA/QC and documentations matters.

QA/QC Manager (Field & Technical Compliance) :

The QA/QC Managers (Jacob S & Abdul Gozi ) re responsible for ensuring that all quality assurance disciplines are carried out in accordance with the company’s policies and procedures and client requirements. They will also assist the QA/QC Department of PT. ASIA PACIFIC ENGINEERING & CONSTRUCTION.

Responsibilities include but not limited to:

  • ·Assuring that the company’s quality commitments are met
  • ·Drawing up Quality Plan
  • ·Assessments and listing of approved suppliers
  • ·Preparation of Inspection and Test Plan
  • ·Surveillance of manufacture
  • ·Surveillance of inspection personnel
  • ·Routine internal and external audits
  • ·Defect analysis
  • ·Monitoring quality records

Workshop Manager

The Workshop Manager (Agus Setiawan) is responsible for allocation of Work Resources and meeting the overall project schedule. Workshop Manager shall report progress of manufacture to Project Manager.

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